ABOUT DN Computers

We love computers, and before starting DN Computers in 2008, we had careers or degrees in accounting, hosting, stocking, technical support, and software engineering.

These skills have helped us grow the business into what it is today.

We began with what we knew, upgrading and repairing computers, mostly Apple. Many times these repairs required component level repair of the motherboards and power supply. This has allowed us to get computers were to be scrapped back to the end user, and help users repair their computer at an affordable cost. In the last few years we've repaired, upgraded, or helped customers repair thousands of computers.

To this day we continue to help customers around the world get their computer working again, and we'd love to help you.

With a software engineer, whenever possible we try to automate tasks which helps improve the quality of the products we sell. We have developed custom software that helps us test, manage stock, and improve the description to be more accurate and complete. This reduces our cost, allowing us to sell at a lower price and have higher quality, and fewer returns or issues.

In 2012 we became Microsoft Registered Refurbishers, this has allowed us to expand into selling PCs at an affordable price. Since joining the program, we have sold over 1000 PCs installed with Windows 7.

In 2014 we relaunched the website. As selling fees continue to increase each year, we wanted a way for our loyal customers to purchase through us at the lowest possible price. With our experience in web hosting and software development, this was a low cost way for us to sell items directly to the customer. You will find the prices through our website are lower than the prices for the same item through other sales channels. This is because of the lower overall fees, our profits are the same, but the cost to you is lower since we pass these savings onto you.

In the future we will continue to do what we love, working on computers and helping out customers get computers at an affordable price, or get the most out of the computers they already have. We always love to hear from our customers, if you have anything you need related to computers, feel free to Contact Us